It’s all plain sailing from here with this fantastic Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tester solution

A quick, effective evaluation of cargo hold hatch covers and door seals to determine water leaks and weather tightness.

  • ABS type approved and accepted by P & I clubs
  • Quick and effective evaluation capability
  • Powerful, adjustable transmitter with 19 ultrasound emitters
  • Locating leaky areas with pinpoint accuracy
  • Inspections can be carried out with cargo in place
  • Can be used in sub zero temperatures
  • Eco-friendly – can be used in place of hose testing
  • Lightweight – can be hand-carried onto aircraft.

Effective, Versatile and Practical Solution

Ideal For Use In

Cargo Hatch Covers

Water Tight Doors

Hold Access Covers

Yacht & Boat Hatches

Water Tight Seals

A trusted supplier, with a wide range of high-end products and unfailing technical support. Looking forward to continuing a fruitful and long lasting cooperation !
13:23 24 Mar 22
One of the best, rugged, accurate and easy to use Thickness Meters that operators always feel good about. We have also used Cygnus Dive for one of the offshore projects... and were fully satisfied with the more
Santosh Gavankar
Santosh Gavankar
05:48 17 Mar 22