General Industry

Ultrasonic thickness meters have many uses within industry in general, some typical applications include:

  • Plant maintenance
  • Condition monitoring
  • Boiler tube inspection
  • Pipe wall thickness testing
  • Measuring thickness of large geometrically complex machined parts
  • Measuring thickness with access from only one side
  • Component identification
  • Asset integrity and safety inspections

Cygnus designs and manufactures NDT thickness measurement meters that are purpose-designed for these kinds of inspections. The meters will read through paint and coatings, and our Multiple Echo technique ensures the most reliable thickness measurements possible are recorded every time.

Our ‘Deep Coat’ mode offers the ability to measure metal thickness through coatings up to 0.8 inch thick.

All our thickness meters are super simple to operate – meaning very little training is required to use them and still receive readings accurate to 0.002 inch.

The Cygnus 2+ Hands-Free is perfect for rope access or belt-mounted work with its end display

The Cygnus 4 General Purpose is a good all-round thickness meter with a clear, bright LCD display.