Shipping and Marine

In addition to the special 5 year survey, commercial ships are required to have regular thickness gauging surveys for insurance purposes and for general maintenance.

Cygnus manufactures ultrasonic thickness gauges which are ideal for the shipping industry; we have a long-standing relationship with the shipping inspection sector as it is where our company began its journey in the early 1980s. We have been speaking to ship surveyors for over 4 decades, constantly improving our products and ensuring the gauges are perfectly suited to the difficult inspection conditions inside a ship’s hull.

The Multiple-Echo technique is standard on all Cygnus gauges; and it has gained approval from the majority of Classification Societies. The IACS document (z-17) covering requirements for ultrasonic thickness measurement states that for through-coat inspection multiple echo should be used.

The Cygnus 2+ Hands Free has an end-mounted display and is specifically designed with ship hull surveys in mind. Using the supplied neck-strap or optional belt-clip, once the gauge is calibrated, much of the hard work is done by the gauge itself, meaning the surveyor can just concentrate on taking the readings.

The Cygnus 2 PLUS also features Echo-Echo and Single-Echo measuring modes to permit measurements to be taken even where there is particularly extreme corrosion.

Combining a large LCD display and an intuitive menu, Cygnus 4 PLUS thickness gauge is truly simple to use, features A-scan for visual verification and facilitates hassle-free reporting with sequential datalogging.