Corrosion Testing on Storage Tanks

Storage tanks can be susceptible to high levels of corrosion – both from their contents and from the outside environment. Typical storage tank testing applications include:

  • Pressure vessels
  • Commercial and domestic LPG tanks
  • Fuel depot tanks
  • Propane gas cylinders
  • Water storage tanks
  • Effluent tanks
  • Air cylinders for divers

Cygnus makes the Multiple-Echo technique the star of all our products; this technique or “mode” that was pioneered by Cygnus in the 1980s means readings on tanks can be taken while “ignoring” coatings and corrosion. A Cygnus gauge allows wall thickness measurement from one side and provides a reading of just the remaining metal thickness underneath the paint or coating that protects the tank.

If a survey is being conducted using rope access then the Cygnus 2 PLUS is a great solution

If the atmosphere is potentially explosive, the Cygnus 1 Ex gauge negates a need for a hot work permit.

The Cygnus 6 PLUS offers the ability to input bespoke templates – ideal for taking and then recording measurements automatically on symmetrical storage tanks. Recording or “logging” readings helps to ensure thickness measurements are taken in a methodical manner. And the data is easily transferrable to a computer or spreadsheet for client reporting and analysis.