Civil Engineering Infrastructure Integrity

Civil Engineering covers a wide range of inspection demands; a list of structures that regularly require inspection for corrosion and material loss includes:

  • Road sign gantries
  • Street light poles
  • Railway infrastructure
  • Bridges
  • Communication masts
  • Playground equipment
  • Cranes and other lifting equipment
  • Fairground rides and entertainment attractions.

All of the above are likely to undergo regular inspections as part of a predictive maintenance program to ensure any corrosion or material wastage is detected as early as possible.

The Cygnus Multiple-Echo technique (which is standard on all our thickness gauges) will measure through coatings up to 0.8 inch thick. There is no need at all to remove any paint or protective coatings. The gauge will display a verified reading of just the remaining metal thickness. This technique has been recognized by the inspection industry as the most simple and accurate way to take thickness measurements.

When the inspection site is accessed via rope access or climbing methods, the Cygnus 2 PLUS is the gauge that is especially designed for this purpose. The display is situated on the top end of the gauge housing, meaning the rope access technician can use this unit “hands free” – just by glancing down at the top of the gauge. The unit is supplied with a neck-strap so it can be worn around the surveyor’s neck while the optional belt clip allows them to be attached to a harness. The Cygnus 2 PLUS also has the added flexibility of Echo-Echo and Single-Echo modes for heavy corrosion.

Also benefited from 3 measuring modes, the Cygnus 4+ General Purpose has a large LCD display, A-scan for visual verification and linear data logging for recording and reporting measurements.