Trucking - Road Tankers and Transport

Tanker trucks are susceptible to loss of wall thickness from corrosion from both the inside and outside. For this reason, road and fuel tanker owners regularly perform inspections to ensure the safety of their fleet.

In Multiple-Echo mode Cygnus gauges will provide error-checked readings without the need to remove paint, coatings or labels. And thickness measurement can be done from one side. Our designers have done all the hard work for you!

The Cygnus 4 PLUS thickness gauge combines a large LCD with intuitive menu. Multi-Echo mode uses three return echoes making the gauge both incredibly accurate and easy to use. Sequential data logging facilitates hassle-free reporting.

For the tank symmetry, the Cygnus 6 PLUS can easily be used to ‘map’ the whole tank area. This helps to ensure thickness measurements are taken in an organized and repeatable way and that a picture can be built up of the tank’s condition over time. The data can be presented in reports which can also include diagrams of the geometry.

For road tankers carrying hazardous cargos such as fuel or chemicals, the Cygnus 1 Ex is purposed-designed and certified for inspections in potentially explosive atmospheres.