Portable UTM Equipment

Are you searching for top quality portable UTM equipment? Here at Cygnus Instruments, we have manufactured thickness gauges and other accessories and equipment for a range of industries. All of our products are designed to retrieve accurate measurements of metal thickness. If you need more information about our products, give us a call on +13462230415.

Expertly-manufactured Portable UTM Probes

Our professionals at Cygnus Instruments have created ultrasonic thickness gauges to help various industries use to measure thickness through coatings and corrosion. Each device uses the multiple echo technique, of which we have perfected over the years. Keep in mind that these devices allow coatings of up to 20mm to be ignored.

Our team knew the importance of creating portable UTM equipment as it made it much easier to use. Our devices are non-destructive and will retrieve accurate measurements from one side of the material, whether it be a pipe or a fuselage. Rest assured that our equipment can be used in all weather conditions, so you will not have to worry about inaccurate readings.

We also stock an array of portable UTM probes, which are needed to enhance the performance of our thickness gauges. Our single crystal and twin crystal probes differ in that they are suitable for specific applications. It is worth keeping in mind that there are three measuring modes to fit in with different testing applications.

As mentioned, our multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauges will provide error-checked measurements through coatings up to 20mm. Echo-to-Echo is ideally used for checking the thickness of painted metals that have heavy back wall corrosion or pitting. Lastly, single-echo measurements should be used for testing uncoated materials, including a range of plastics.

We Manufacture Equipment for Multiple Industries

The most important aspects of our portable UTM equipment is its reliability and accuracy. You will struggle to find another company that supplies products that match or better the quality of ours. As well as our probes, we have gauges that benefit a range of industries, including:

  • Shipping
  • Oil and Gas Facilities
  • Underwater Applications
  • Offshore
  • And more!

As mentioned, our portable UTM probes enhance the quality of our gauges, and you are bound to find one that suits your application. If you are unsure about the appropriate devices for your industry, then speak to a member of our team, and we can help.

Why Choose Our Portable UTM Equipment?

Cygnus Instruments was established in 1983, and we have gone from strength to strength in our development of groundbreaking technology in this field. Our ultrasonic thickness gauges and other equipment use the most advanced methods in order to ensure accurate measurements. We are leading the way in the multiple echo technique.

As well as perfecting the technique, we have made sure that our devices are easily maneuverable and simple to use. Creating portable UTM equipment has allowed us to stand above our competitors and pioneer the way forward. We are constantly looking to make improvements to our products, which is why we listen closely to our customers.

Here at Cygnus Instruments, we have invested heavily in learning the market and also product development so that we stay one step ahead of the curve. The high quality of our portable UTM equipment is a testament to the extensive work that we have completed. On top of that, we have the backing of industry bodies BASEEFA and CSA.

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