Ultrasonic Detection Equipment

Are you currently trying to work out which manufacturer offers the most reliable selection of ultrasonic detection equipment available on the market? Look no further than Cygnus Instruments to provide you with robust gauges with a simple user interface that can be utilized in even the harshest of environments. To discuss your requirements further with a friendly member of our customer care team, please do not hesitate to call us any time on +13462230415. We would welcome the opportunity to walk you through our entire range and discuss prices.

Our revolutionary ultrasonic thickness gauge

Welcome to Cygnus Instruments where we offer the highest quality thickness measurement devices that enable you to achieve accurate error-checked results through a simple interface. Our gauges use multiple pulses to provide verified thickness readings, allowing coatings of up to 20 millimeters in thickness to be ignored. Please take some time to browse through the rest of our easily navigable website for more specific guidelines on the recommended use of each available measuring mode.

Our range of ultrasonic thickness gauges includes the Intrinsically Safe for potentially explosive environments, the Hands-Free for rope access applications, the General Purpose gauge with a large LCD display and simple menu operation as well as the Pro with comprehensive data logging and A-Scan and B-Scan capabilities for professional users.

Ultrasonic Detection Equipment

To summarize, Cygnus Instruments has set and raised the standards for accurate ultrasonic detection equipment. This has been the result of thousands of hours of research, constant product development and ongoing investment. Our products are now utilized in almost all industries including but not limited to:

  • Ship Hull Surveys
  • Rope Access Surveys
  • Underwater Inspections
  • Explosive Environments

Why our ultrasonic gauge is the superior thickness measurement device

Founded in 1983, Cygnus Instruments has gone from strength to strength since its establishment over 30 years ago. We pioneered the Multiple-Echo technique that has since become the industry standard for effectively measuring material thickness through coatings. At the start, we were driven by a gap in the market for a handheld device that can measure metal thickness through protective coatings in a way that is reliable as well as repeatable. That is how our ultrasonic thickness gauge was born.

Our ultrasonic detection equipment range has been recently expanded to also include Echo-Echo and Single-Echo measurement modes. This alternative option expands the usability of our gauges even further. Regardless of which device you are looking to purchase, you can rest assured knowing that all of our products are robust and very simple to use. We believe in simplicity through technology and our items are engineered to withstand even the harshest of environments and adverse weather conditions.

I have used the gauges extensively – often in awkward places where the gauges often take a beating as well as occasionally getting wet but the Cygnus Instruments gauges have proven to be robust and reliable. The 4+ meter is very light and easy to carry and has the option to use single crystal or twin crystal transducers, which allows me the ability to measure through thick coatings in deep coat mode as well heavily corroded metals. When taking measurements with this meter, I have found it to be accurate with repeatable results. The 4+ gauges we use allow us to see a clear, simple A-Scan as measurements are taken, which in turn allows us to verify the measurements. I can also log my measurements and easily transfer them into reports for clients, which is very beneficial. I am pleased to say that I have always received excellent service from Cygnus Instruments and I will continue to use their products as I know I have a reliable, robust tool that I can genuinely trust.” – JD Howard, Ultrasonic Detection Equipment Customer Testimonial

With our roots in marine inspection services, Cygnus Instruments has recently entered a brand new phase of innovation. We are heavily investing in market research and product development to expand our range even further. Due to our mission to create an entirely application-driven approach that is user-focused, we put a great emphasis on listening to the feedback of our customers. You can expect these new products to maintain the quality our current thickness measurement devices have become known for over the past three decades.

As you will surely be able to tell from the preceding information, no other companies offering ultrasonic detection equipment can match up to everything that Cygnus Instruments brings to the table. Should you have any more questions about our products or services, reach out to us using one of the contact methods that have been outlined for your benefit below.

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