Wall Thickness Gauge

Are you searching for a new wall thickness measurement device? Perhaps you require an easy way to measure the thickness of walls and are tired of traditional methods? If this is the case, then look no further! Here at Cygnus Instruments, we are the number one manufacturer of ultrasonic thickness gauges. Since our establishment in 1983, we have built an enviable reputation as the leading choice for countless companies around the world.  

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The Most Reliable Wall Thickness Gauge 

It used to be that measuring wall thickness was time-consuming and complicated. In fact, it often involved dismantling the test piece or cutting out sections, raising labour costs and wasting valuable time. Now, we are pleased to offer a quick and efficient way to measure wall thickness without the hassle. For over 40 years, Cygnus Instruments have been creating modern, reliable alternatives to this antiquated way of measuring wall thickness. 

Testing the thickness of walls is essential in order to discover issues such as corrosion, erosion, and damage and take the necessary steps to prevent these issues from causing serious damage. Issues like these can cause equipment malfunctions, machinery breakdowns and even structural issues that could compromise safety. 

With our ultrasonic thickness gauges, time-consuming testing is a thing of the past. We boast an extensive product range and have developed an operating system that was developed in house. 

Super Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge 

Our  ultrasonic thickness gauges have been designed to provide a simple and efficient way of measuring wall thickness for our clients around the world. With our ultrasonic thickness gauges, you will be able to scan for signs of corrosion, erosion and other damage without needing to disassemble your wall or cut into it. This saves valuable time and money, meaning you can get on with the task at hand without any further hassle. 

Our extensive range of ultrasonic thickness meters, leak detection devices, and FMD systems have been designed to be used in a variety of industries. So, whatever you do, you can be sure that we have the technology to make it happen. What’s more, our global network of repair and servicing centres are there to support you with a myriad of issues with your devices, whenever you need it.  

Our truly global presence means that we can supply clients with cutting-edge wall thickness meters wherever they operate. Our range of devices has been meticulously engineered for every conceivable industry and application, from underwater use to hazardous environments. So, whatever industry you work in, we have the equipment for you. 

As a company, we are proud to have developed the new industry standard: Multiple-Echo. The Multiple Echo measuring technique allows users to measure thickness like never before with unprecedented levels of accuracy. Every single one of our devices incorporates Multiple-Echo mode, and we are pleased that this has now become the industry standard for precision, reliability and repeatability worldwide. 

To find out more about our range of wall thickness measurement gauges, keep reading. 

The Cygnus 1 Intrinsically Safe Wall Thickness Gauge 

Our Cygnus 1 Thickness Gauge may look simple, but it is easily one of the most modernized and efficient designs on the market for taking accurate thickness measurements. Requiring minimal set-up, it uses single crystal probes to use the Multiple Echo measurement method and is, therefore, able to take accurate measurements through various coatings. 

The Cygnus 1 is ATEX-certified, meaning it can be used in potentially explosive or hazardous environments such as oil platforms. The Cygnus 1 will not generate enough electrical or thermal energy to ignite atmospheric gases, so it can be used safely without the risk of causing an explosion. 

Cygnus 6+ Pro – Mark V Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge  

The Cygnus 6+ Pro is a top-of-the-line device built for established, professional users. Its comprehensive functionality makes it the most capable device available on the market. With a removable SD card to easily export data, graphical analysis and display, the Cygnus 6+ Pro offers unprecedented levels of technology, whether you require Single Echo, Echo-Echo, or Multiple Echo. 

Designed for our clients who require more from their ultrasonic thickness gauges, the Cygnus 6+ Pro comes with all three testing modes, so it is highly compatible with all probes. It also boasts additional features such as A-Scan, B-Scan and comprehensive data logging capabilities. 

What’s more, when equipped with a high-temperature probe, the 6+ Pro can even measure the thickness of high-temperature in-service assets. This function can be carried out without shutting down or isolating the asset.  

Designed to be used in industries ranging from oil and gas facilities and civil engineering to plant maintenance, the Cygnus 6+ Pro can easily take wall thickness measurements. Some key features include:  

  • US MIL STD 810G Shock and Impact Protection  
  • IP67 Dust and Water Resistance  
  • End-Mounted LCD Display with Grayscale Setting for Use in Bright Sunlight  
  • Safe to Operate 
  • Large Front-Mounted LCD Display  

Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Thickness Testing Equipment 

Multiple Echo is a technique we at Cygnus Instruments have developed over many years. We have been developing ultrasonic thickness testing equipment for over 40 years, and during this time, we realized that other testing equipment did not have the capabilities to measure through coatings of more than 1-2mm in depth. This made certain types of measurements impossible to accurately gauge.  

As a response to this issue, we developed a single crystal probe that emits a single frequency burst and measures the response three consecutive times for the same pulse. The way the sound reverberates inside the surfaces allows us to eliminate the coating from the measurement, thus giving us an accurate reading of the thickness of the wall. This is especially important when measuring corrosion, such as rust or surfaces coated in dirt or paint. 

The Range of Industries We Service 

When you choose a Cygnus Instruments wall thickness gauge, we guarantee that you will receive the best thickness testing equipment on the market. In fact, we are sure you won’t find a better alternative elsewhere. We began our journey in the marine inspection industry and, since then, we have spent over 40 years meticulously researching and developing the highest quality, most accurate ultrasonic thickness gauges available on the market. 

Today, our global reach allows us to cater to a wide range of industries, supplying ISO-9001 certified material thickness meters and probes to companies working in sectors that include:  

  • Civil Engineering  
  • Hazardous Environments  
  • Subsea Inspections  
  • General Industry 
  • Oil And Gas Pipelines  
  • And Many More! 

If you cannot see your industry listed here, please get in touch with a member of our team here at Cygnus Instruments. We are sure we can meet your requests.   

Hazardous Environments 

Our wall thickness gauges are incredibly strong, durable and rugged, lending themselves to use in hazardous environments when necessary. Examples of such environments include: 

  • Chemical Plants 
  • Dry, Dusty Environments Where Ignition Could Occur 
  • Fuel Depots 
  • Grain Processing Plants 
  • Inside Storage Tanks On Land Or At Sea 
  • Oil and Gas Production Facilities 
  • Mining 
  • Explosive Atmospheres 

Oil and Gas Pipelines 

Oil and gas pipelines can be found on land and underwater. Typically coated, they are prone to internal corrosion, which can cause leaks and subsequent expensive emergency repair work. By carrying out routine thickness gauging checks, it is possible to prevent this. 

Our Multiple-Echo technique means Cygnus thickness gauges can read through coatings up to 20mm thick when used in Deep-Coat mode. This will help to save time and money and prevent frequent removing and reapplying of coatings. All our gauges can be used in Multiple-Echo mode, providing the user with accurate measurements.  

General Industry 

Our ultrasonic thickness gauges can be used within many general industries, including: 

  • Boiler Tube Inspection 
  • Component Identification 
  • Measuring Thickness With Access From Only One Side 
  • Pipe Wall Thickness Inspection 
  • Plant Maintenance Work 
  • And Many More! 

Cygnus Instruments can provide thickness measurement equipment that’s well suited for the above inspections and surveys, plus many more not listed. Our gauges can read through paint and coatings up to 20mm when in Deep Coat mode, and our Multiple Echo technique ensures reliable thickness measurements every time. 

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing 

Here at Cygnus Instruments, we have spent decades developing our technology and are proud to say that our Multiple Echo technology is now the industry standard when it comes to effectively measuring material thickness, even though coatings. Whatever industry you work in, you can now access the most precise and accurate ultrasonic testing tools to help you save time and costs and streamline your projects.  

We have also designed a diverse range of underwater and subsea ultrasonic steel gauges. Specifically designed to be used by divers and engineers, these gauges provide a simple method for obtaining thickness measurements. 

Hatch Cover Leak Testing 

Any company that deals with the regular shipping of cargo must ensure that their transportation equipment is up to standard. Part of this process involves the identification of leaks, a process that can be time-consuming and expensive if you don’t have access to the proper tools. Seawater can cause serious damage to cargo, resulting in expensive insurance claims.  

The Cygnus Hatch Sure ultrasonic leak detector helps you to avoid thi. It provides a fast and effective method of evaluating and testing hatch seals and doors for leaks and sealing against adverse weather conditions to avoid such situations from occurring. 

The Cygnus Hatch Sure has 19 ultrasound emitters that produce an omnidirectional sound field. This is uniformly distributed throughout the cargo hold, and the sound energy level that passes through the enclosed cargo hold is displayed on the receiver part of the system. This enables the user to accurately and quickly locate areas affected by leakage. 

As well as our ultrasonic hatch cover testers, we also offer a range of other high-quality products, including: 

  • Ultrasonic Probes 
  • Thickness Gauging Accessories 
  • Surface Thickness Gauges 
  • Hatch Sure Accessories 
  • And Many More! 

Here at Cygnus Instruments, we understand that every industry requires different types of ultrasonic equipment. In order to cater to our diverse range of clients, we have worked hard to expand our range of tools. Our expansive range of products is one of the many reasons why companies all over the globe turn to us for precise ultrasonic measuring equipment. 

Why Choose Our Wall Thickness Measuring Equipment?   

Back in 1983, the founders of Cygnus Instruments recognized a gap in the market for precise, reliable handheld devices for ultrasonic testing. With nearly 40 years in the industry, our team has been pioneering ultrasonic measuring technology. As the pioneers of the Multiple-Echo measurement method, we have transformed the industry, and our methods are now widely accepted as the industry standard.  

We built our first ultrasonic thickness gauge as a response to the ever-increasing need for a reliable thickness meter. Our backgrounds in the marine inspection industry allowed us to draw on our experiences in order to develop a thickness measuring device that was robust, reliable, precise, and easy to use. 

We have placed our service centres all over the globe for the convenience of our clients. Every single one of our employees has been highly trained to provide the exceptional service we are known for. 

We are pleased to offer our extensive range of thickness testing equipment to customers in over 30 countries worldwide. So, our instruments are used in almost every industry all over the globe. What’s more, our global repair and servicing centres have been placed all over the globe in an effort to provide support to all our clients by improving equipment productivity, extending the device’s life cycle, and helping you make the most of your ultrasonic testing device.  

So, you can trust that you’re buying your ultrasonic thickness gauges from a company you can depend on.  

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If you work in an industry that requires the use of precise, accurate wall measuring equipment, you will undoubtedly be sure that Cygnus Instruments are the go-to supplier of such tools. Our selection of ultrasonic thickness gauges is the best available on the market, boasting market-leading technologies and delivering high levels of performance.  

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